Exploring The Word In Colour and Speech

A Synthesis of Anthroposophical Speech and Painting Therapy

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Gallery - Exploring The Rainbow

Some of these water colour paintings were inspired by Rudolf Steiner's 'Nature Sketches for Painters'. You will also be able to view motif sketches, pedagogical exercises, patient's paintings exemplary of the method and paintings done by Katherine Rudolph.

The following pages contain paintings, images and examples of Artistic Therapy, Pedagogical Exercises, Patient's Paintings, Art By Katherine Rudolphand Further Artistic Work. Paintings and stories are included on 'The Lady's Green Mantle', 'Krienol Legend', 'The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz', 'The Five Finger Plant', 'Prefabulous Animiles', 'The Night Peacock Eyes'and 'The Seed Quest'.

If you are interested in purchasing any paintings in print or the original please contact Katherine Rudolph on 0061 413 770 020 or by emailing info@exploringtheword.com.au.