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The Lady's Green Mantle, continued


1. Igie Krie was bold and bearded.

On a kind of quest adventure,

Seeking seeds in ancient, wondrous,

Long forgotten land of Krienols.

Krienols – a name given to those elementals who are concerned with overseeing the realm of healing herbs.

This legend can be sung or spoken with only the dialogue being sung. The rhythm is the same as that of the Finnish Kalevala.

2. Ochre earth was once transparent.

And the sun was deeply shining.

Sowing seeds was his endeavour;

For he knew the herbs of healing.

3. King Kroleen lay old and ailing,

Not a word, would he now utter.

Mute he came back from the Mudlands,

No one knew the reason for it

4. Iggy sought the root intended

For restoring words and phrases,

Lost amidst the drooping dismal

Mudlands underneath the marshes.

5. There were gardens ’round the castle;

But Kalayariss grew not there.

Ancients never sowed the seedlings,

For they vanished all together.

6. Iggy knew the reason for it.

What he knew made him disgusted.

Witch Zéthéah had the seedlings

Hoarded deep in her Rock Castle.

7. He decided to discover

Where they were and how to get them.

King Kroleen was growing weaker,

Weary he was, deeply grieving.

8. Witch Zéthéah’s castle saw he.

Sea cliffs rose above the waters.

Iggy found at last the entrance,

Stepping on steep stony stair-steps.

9. Sly the seed thief, witch’s raven

Would no doubt alert the ogre,

Iggy carried in his knapsack

Seeds of Calpi-uu to scatter.

10. Seeds were spread about the threshold.

Calpi-uu is quite well known here,

Known as food for crows and ravens,

Guaranteed to keep them quiet.

11. Gloom met Iggy when he entered,

Blundered down dark hallways hiding,

Sought the cave rooms where Zéthéah

Brewed her potions, good or rotten.

12. Weaving round a winding passage

Stepping down a rough rock walkway,

Iggy heard the cauldron bubble

And the croaking incantations

13. But the stinking smoky cobwebs

In the cauldron room smelled awful.

Iggy said, “it was your raven,

Sly, who stole the seeds I seek for.”

14. “Give us back those seeds, Zéthéah!

King Kroleen has gotten mute now.

Good Kalayariss gives root tea

Which restores the power of speaking.”

15. Then Zéthéah answered swiftly,

“Let us not preserve the seedlings.

Humans don’t deserve the plant lore;

They are cruel to each other.

16. And you break in here unseen, Krie,

When I mean to make the potion

Give my voice the gall to call fire.

Salamanders here to serve me!

17. I shall need Kalayariss now.

Go, you fool, they are my seedlings.

I have promised to my wolfhound,

He might eat you, precious morsel.”

18. Iggy heard gruff growling warnings,

Ran without ado, so frightened

He’d get eaten that he raced down,

Rushed away right past Zéthéah.

19. Through dark tunnels downward running,

Rapid almost like a rabbit,

Stumbling on a stair, he rolled down

Through a crevice in the cave wall.

20. Saved was Iggy by his smallness.

He could smell the stinking wolf breath,

Hear it howl in wrath; but neither

Wolf nor Witch Zéthéah caught him.

21. He heard singing from the stairway.

All about him seemed like music.

It was dark though not so gloomy;

Iggy liked the melody there.

22. Iggy shone the light which he bore

From the quartz he always carried.

Crystal streaming, Krienol quartz stone

Led along a crumbling staircase.

23. Wider grew the width and heights there.

Every step seemed more to glimmer.

Great expanses, crystal ice-lands,

Spans of polished glassy surface.

24. Far above him Amethyst shone;

Indigo, a dome reflected.

Down into the depths receded

Shimmers of that glassy glowing.

25. Chimes like chandeliers of tinkling

Glass he heard while there, a-gleaming

From the open portal poured forth

Amber, lightening purple crystals.

26. Brilliant grew the world and wider

On that granite ground before him.

But beyond the glassy shimmer,

He was bound, to you far portal.

27. And with each step, slipped he forward.

Hardly daring to forge onward;

And the echo of his footsteps

Faintly sounded all around him.

28. Daring once to look right downwards.

Dread reflections on the surface

Made him stare in stony silence.

Smeared and sooty shadows saw he.

29. He imagined Trolls were threatening

Under that glazed shining surface.

If it cracked they’d grasp and pull him

Down into the gloomy shadows.

30. Then he glimpsed himself reflected.

Grim and grimy grey, his jacket.

Now appearing much perplexed, he

Kept on stepping without pausing.

31. Glancing at the glowing gemstone

That he carried, Iggy noticed

All at once a tiny gnome-like

Being in transparent facets.

32. Then a wind came wafting ’round him.

What a wind from where would that be?

Were there winds that blew beneath him?

Was there weather in this world here?

33. With the wind a lilting light-song

Gently flowed out from the portal;

And it echoed “Speak and tell me

What you’re seeking in the caverns.”

34. Iggy Krie then dared to answer;

And he said, “It’s seeds I’m after,

Seeds of healing for the Krienol

King Kroleen from ochre Toolnland.”

35. And the wafting wind gave answer.

“King Kroleen will need a root now

For restoring words and phrases.

Courage needs he and confronting.

36. Enter, Iggy Krie of Krienols

Seek for here are seeds abundant.

Find the seed that you must plant here;

And I’ll give you precious Urseed.”

37. Then did Iggy square his shoulders;

And he entered such a world there,

Healing seeds preserved in crystal

Which he never dreamed existed.

38. Glowing gem flame did encompass

Many crystals with the Urseeds.

Looking closer he discovered

Seeds he knew from Krienol healing.

39. Iggy gazed around, delighted,

Glimpsed amidst the gleaming facets,

All the ABC’s of healing –

Seeds he’d learned from ancient lorebooks.

40. Three Althéa, three Berethée

Three of Calpi-uu, then Denzan,

And Ennelan, Fiorenthée…

Three Kalayariss he found there.

41. In the precious magic gemstones,

Pyramids of blue fire flaming,

He had found the seeds he needed

For the ailing King of Krienols!

42. Looking in his own small crystal,

Iggy Krie was much astounded,

For the gnome was pointing upwards,

Up aloft where seed gems spiraled.

43. Such a pathway to the center!

There he saw the Flame Gem Princess;

And she offered him the seed-gem -–

Good Kalayariss he’d sought for.

44. “Thank you Flame Gem Princess, thank you.

Now I shall return and plant this...”

Sang the princess, “Sing at sunrise

To the plant and it will flourish.”

45. Bowing he continued onward,

Found another tunnel leading

To a cliff and hence back homewards.

To the royal castle gardens.

46. Witch Zéthéah had no choice, left.

She just had to sail away, then.

All her power from the seedlings

Vanished and so did Zéthéah.

47. For good Iggy had the Urseed.

And he followed his instructions,

Planting seed on that small island

In a streamlet near the castle.

48. From the flower sprang forth seed-gem.

This he brought the ailing monarch.

With the root tea that he brewed there,

King Kroleen was soon much better.

49. When his courage had confronted

Words he’d heard while in the Mudlands,

He could speak and say the reason

Why he had grown ill and ailing:

50. “While I traveled in the Mudlands

Certain nixies chortled to me.

Often I ignored their chatter

Then one day I heard the horror!

51. Floods are coming which will cover

All of earthland, and we Krienols,

Need to gather all the Urseed.

And more deeper under mountains.

52. For the Urseed, seeds of healing

Will be needed in the future.

Men are cruel to each other.

They will make each other sickly.

53. Many Urseeds are not known of;

These will help the future illness.

We’ll endeavour to preserve them,

They’d be lost to flood and fire.

54. This our deed for mankind’s future

Means we must forsake our homeland.

Move to realms where airy sunlight

May not reach our Krienol dwellings.

55. With our crystal wisdom we shall

Save the seeds for future planting.

Many thousand years will pass by,

’Ere we may at last return here.

56. Then each Urseed will be needed.

Humans may be ill and ailing.

Witch Zéthéah wants to leave them

To their illness, but she’s gone now.

57. She will one day see the reason

Why the humans need the plant lore.

Though they may seem undeserving,

Give them help for their survival.”

58. So the Krienols saved the Urseeds

And they journeyed under mountains.

Safe from floods and such disasters.

Seeds appear where they are needed.

59. At intervals humans find them.

Growing in the place provided.

Wake up, humans for you need them.

All has not yet been discovered.

60. Special Urseeds will be sounding.

Tones will ring forth from the flowers.

Much attention must be given,

For to hear that kind of sounding.

61. Play and sing for failing plantlife.

Nature needs the human music.

Times will come when poisoned airwaves

May be cleansed by harps and lyres.

(music fading)

Sam had experienced how the bard told that old legend of Krienols.

He could see pictures unfolding as tones seemed to sound all around him.

There was a seed in his hand, ’twas a magical seed that brought healing.

Roots of the flowering plant could be made into tea to cure muteness,

And in his arms was a lyre of golden, the one he’d forgotten.

That is, the one that he’d lost when he crossed the stone portal from Faerie.

Who the bard was and just how he had gotten the lyre is a question.

One of the mysteries yet to be solved. But, now to continue.

Sam said farewell to the bard and continued the quest he had started.

When King Kroleen had been healed, Sam had also begun to feel better.

He could now play on the lyre and interpret the music of nature.

And could remember the music he played while he was with the lost fairies.

Shimmering light was the sail of the bard’s boat. Sam saw that they’d landed.

Reverence filled all his thoughts. They approached the now shimmering entrance.

Back at the Wonder Tale Temple. Umph eagerly waited to greet him.

Suddenly Sam could recall how Tri-Umph had appeared back in Faerie.

Taking his staff and the lyre with the seed safely stowed in his pocket.

Sam wondered where he could plant it. Not far from the temple a cavern

Near to a swift flowing stream seemed a good place to sleep a few hours.

Feeling quite safe there with Umph sure to warn him of any grave danger,

Sammy slept soundly and dreamed a strange song from the Princess of Flame-Gems.


In gardens beyond the stream.

You’ll see as in a dream

Beneath the Mosa trees.

There’s a pond not far from view.

There if you look with care

Is an isle in the shape of an ear,

Small as you’ve ever seen.

Waters flow and swirl around,

In patterns and forms they cool.

There you must plant the seed.

For now the speaking seed,

Spark of the crystal spheres,

Has traveled very far.

To do a deed for you.

So you must grow and brew

Its roots to heal your ill,

You’ll be no longer mute.

You’ll sing and tell your story now

And think of what you must do.

Where does your path way lead?

When Sammy woke he decided to look for the pond in the song words.

Finally, after much seeking he found it and planted the seedlings,

T’was on the isle in the shape of an ear. He played lyre every morning,

Fish from the stream, roots, and berries provided for food all that summer.

Daily the herb grew and, after a month, the first blossom was ready.

More were to open so he could then gather new seeds. At the same time,

Roots could be brewed and the tea would soon bring back his power of speaking.

Songs of the bard he remembered, and practiced the words of his story

Just as the first leaves had fallen that autumn Sam knew he was ready.

He journeyed on, going back to the blacksmith, he smiled at their wonder.

He could now speak. His first words: “I am Samuel John and was baptized;

Twenty-one years have now passed, since the dewdrops were gathered at sunrise.

I can remember. ’Twas destiny that the lost Fairy Iota

Stole me away. Certain fairies do truly believe that the humans

Will be destroyed, for they see all the harm that is done. They need music.

Those who are filled with dislike become sickened, and then they make trouble.

Warring like humans and causing more danger. Musicians can help them.

So, understand their resentment, and play for them freely. Their illness

May disappear: I will play for all beings, all fairies, and humans.

Plantlife will benefit, sensing new harmonies, it will then flourish.”

Seeing the faces of friends he had known, Sam kept playing and singing.

Blacksmiths appreciate ballads and legends, when they rest and listen...

So it began that Bard Sammy and Umph went on tour in that country.

Now of course, folks could not always see Umph, but at nighttime, ’twas easy.

If they were open to hearing, the seeing would often come later.

Sam always told the whole story and people who heard it would listen.

In their own gardens the tones of the flowers were sounding a sunrise.

So for three years, it continued. Bard Sam was well-known and much sought for.

Many, the songs that he sang telling natural wonders of plantlore.

He would interpret the seasons and make songs for the sowing and harvests.

One day he came to a village where there was a herbalist working.

It was Johanna his mother and she knew at once he was Sammy!

One can imagine her joy. For her son had returned to her hearth-fire,

After she heard the whole story, she could understand all her sorrow.

And the new seed that he brought to heal muteness was there where it should be.

She had it planted in her herbal garden until it was needed.

Samuel taught her to play on the lyre when he wasn’t too busy.

Umph would return to his crystal whenever he needed refreshment.

Thus he remained in the family as link to the spirits of nature.

Many years passed, Sam had married and had seven sons and a daughter.

One was great grandfather John who eventually sailed to the new land.

He brought the golden-hued lyre which was passed on to new generations.

Only a few can interpret the musical rhythms of nature.

Such are the ones who’ll discover the secret compartment at sunset.

Thus I will leave this account for the future musicians to finish.

Being his daughter and having the gift to interpret in nature,

I shall hand over my golden-hued lyre to whomever it chooses.

It will not play for us all. But for those who can hear with their heartstrings.

Signed by Johanna Rose Davis, in seventeen hundred and eighty.

Silence ensued. For not one of us knew the best way to continue.

“Where could the lyre be?” asked I. I will bet it’s up there o’er the doorway.

We spotted Umph, just a sparkle which led us outside. There we sounded

Once more the tones pentatonic, but there was no golden-hued emblem.

“You’ll have to wait until sunset,” said Tri-Umph, “it’s only a moment.”

He spoke the truth. Because just as the sunset had shone its last sunbeam,

Then we all saw: it began to reflect the same light that was golden

Brilliantly shining, it was the same emblem, the old-fashioned lyre.

So we all sounded the scale pentatonic. Behold, the door opened!

I then stood up on Keith’s shoulders again and extracted the lyre.

Carefully balancing, I brought it down. All could see how it sparkled.

This was no other than Sam’s wondrous lyre; the bard’s lyre of Faerie.

“How do we know who shall play it?” We passed it around in a circle.

When it came back to me, I could feel rhythms sing, wafting around me.

“Look!” exclaimed Connie, “it’s Umph! He is shining above Carol’s shoulder.”

Then I could play the sky full of the sunset. And fireflies a-dancing!

How the breeze wafted, the cool air of evening, bird flight in motion!

It seemed, I always had known how to play music resounding from nature.

Hours went by, and the bullfrogs kept quiet on that special evening.

Tuesday we had to go back - though we wanted to stay there forever

We left the lyre sealed away, ’til we figure out where we should keep it.

Umph will remain up there also, to watch over our ancient treasure.

Where the lyre goes, he will follow, for he is a part of its magic.

Maybe we shouldn’t tell any one else; only Miss Prune shall know it.

“Right, I don’t think they’d believe it”, said Connie, “we couldn’t be certain.

What of that herb that cures muteness? Might we be the ones who should find it?

Might there be herbs that are not yet discovered, for healing diseases?”

“Certainly,” said old Miss Prune. “Since vacation is soon to be coming,

We will all visit the cabin; for first-hand experience conquers

Doubts that have built up in grown-ups. And meanwhile, each morning at sunrise,

We may be listening for tones in the garden, believing our senses.

Herbs are harmonious, balancing, healthy life rhythms.

Roots, leaves and blossoms have different forces and characteristics.

These can be carefully studied, and used for the remedies needed.

But one must recognize how the disease and the herb are related.

Plant life can naturally harmonize forces that go out of balance.

Healing of head, heart and limbs is accomplished, by roots, leaves and blossoms.

But in the curing of muteness for Sam and the King of the Krienols,

Courage; and need to communicate news about deeds for confronting;

Speaking to benefit others, were very important for healing.

“It is the same with the lyre,” said Carol, - “composing the music.

I’ve brought my other one. Though it has not quite the magical ringing

That I discovered, while playing the lyre from the Temple of Wonder,

There’s always something of sure risen Triumph conveyed with each lyre.

Even the Sun God of Greece loved the golden-hued lyre. On the Starmap,

I have seen Lyra above near the Swan: so I’ll play you the music!”


Lady’s Green Mantle is a poetic interpretation of ‘Alchemilla vulgaris’ or Lady’s Mantle.

The Alchemists gathered the dewdrops which appear in the center of each leaf in the morning to use in their transformations and metamorphosis.

… In ancient times it was said to possess many hidden forces with such mysterious effects that they gave it the name ‘Alchemilla’ or ‘magical herb’.

In modern times Lady’s Mantle is prized as a herbal remedy. The leaves and flowers are used.

… Expectant mothers are recommended to take the tea daily because it can help them to bear a

healthy child, even when complications occur.

… Children who have weak muscles can become stronger with regular use of this tea and good


Johann Künzle: Das grosse Heilkraüterbuch, Verlag Otto Walter og Olten, 1945.