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The Intervals

Roots of Therapeutic Processes -  ‘ The Intervals’  -- Architectural Alchemy

…in connection to the Munich Conference,

…and the Columns and Seals

…leading to the Small Cupola of the First Goetheanum

While preparing lectures for conferences in which not all of the participants were versed in Anthroposophy, I was seeking to include a wide scope of understanding in a few words. I came up with a few insights for your contemplation.

The first is a key to understanding an occult-alchemical history of the architectural works leading up to the building of the First Goetheanum  in Dornach Switzerland, and, following through to the building of the Second Goetheanum. It is another level of the old alchemical metamorphoses made possible through the Christ impulse

The path comprises seven steps in twenty-one years:


 The first step, I believe, was the Munich Conference 1907 ‘The Hall of the              Word’ which has been described in earlier issues of this Journal. The seven pictorial representations of the Book of Revelations were brought forth by super-sensible seeing, while the Planetary Columns and their Seals were engendered through super-sensible hearing, as metamorphosed by Rudolf Steiner.

       This step is analogous to the occult experience called ‘Prima Materie’, the      

       beginning alchemical transmutation, described in Paul M. Allen’s

       The Time Is at Hand,  Anthroposophic Press, 1995  (pp. 90-91). 



        The second step comprises The Model Building at Malsh, Germany 1909,                                           

         by Karl Stockmeyer,  and the Building at Landhaus Strasse, Stuttgart, Germany,   

         by Dr. Schmidt-Curtius in 1911- the two ‘offspring’ of the Munich Hall.

        This step is analogous to the occult experience called ‘Sevetorio divisio’.

         It means separation or clarification.



         The third step is the building of the First Goetheanum in Dornach Switzerland     

         From 1913 to 1920 ‘The House of the Word’, by Rudolf Steiner.

         This step could be seen as Conjunctio of male and female. The two Cupolas, 

         giving and receiving in communion with one another, could be experienced in     

         performances and lectures.



         The fourth step is the burning of the First Goetheanum  on January 1, 1923.

          A tragedy, engendered by the counter-forces, would eventually lead to a rebirth   

          out of the ashes.

          This step is analogous to The Mystical Death or Mortificato calcinato, an ex-

          perience of carbon to ashes.




          The fifth step, from January 1, 1924 to December, 1923 is the creation of the         

          ‘Foundation Stone Mantrum’, by Rudolf Steiner. This act of creative will is

           born out of the living etheric forces of the first Goetheanum.

          This corresponds to what is called Ablutio Baptismo, the catharsis or

          whitening, in which the soul reunites with the dead body.



          The sixth step can be seen as the speaking of the ‘Foundation Stone Mantrum’

           by Rudolf Steiner in 1923, a rebirth through the Word.

           It is analogous to the Albedo tinctura alba which is an enhanced bursting

           out. The inner motive for the creation of the First Goetheanum was in response

             to the ‘cry of longing of mankind for the spirit’. ‘The Foundation Stone

            Mantrum’ is heard in answer to this cry as well.



            The seventh step is the phoenix-like resurgence of the second Goetheanum,

            ‘out of the ashes’ 1928, carried through the efforts of Albert Baravalle.

            This step corresponds to the seventh alchemical step known as Rubedo,

             the red king and the white queen. The invisible First Goetheanum is

             etherically present inside the Second Goetheanum.


             This progression of occult architectural metamorphosis can only be seen in



              In my poem ‘The Intervals’ , on the following page, one can experience the

              evolution of mankind.

              as interpreted from the wisdom of the Columns of the first Goetheanum and

              their culmination in the Small Cupola of the First Goetheanum. The

              mission of the earth can be experienced in the progression from the Fourth,

              Mars, Column through the Fifth, Mercury Column. The wounds inflicted 

              by aggressive, warlike behavior of an unregenerate Mars will be healed by

              Mercury and transformed into a new kind of courage for peace by the

              period of the Jupiter evolution.


              It is also interesting to note that the progression from the Fourth to the Fifth,

               seen in relation to the life between death and rebirth relates to the time

               when the ‘limbs’  of the past incarnation are to be metamorphosed into the

               head of the individual human being’s coming incarnation.


               This seven fold process will be seen to have the same ‘roots’ as are found in                            

               The seven therapeutic phases of healing, which are :


  1. Receiving            The Beginning Phase
  2. Uniting                The Support Phase
  3. Deepening           The Phase of Conscious Confrontation
  4. Standing Firm      The Maturation of Self Phase
  5. Independence       The Self-Orientation Phase
  6. Letting go             The Phase of Gaining Strength
  7. New Birth            The Phase of Individual Creativity

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